I'm excited about improving science (and your life) using machine learning and design.

I’m a Physics PhD student at Princeton doing research at the intersection of Bayesian inference and deep learning. I am fortunate to be advised by David Blei and Shivaji Sondhi.

My work is supported by an NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship. In 2015 I had lots of fun doing research with Andriy Mnih at DeepMind, and in 2016 I collaborated with Eugene Brevdo at Google Brain.

Find my CV at jaan.io/cv. In short: when it comes to Big Data, I live, breathe, and eat it. Crunchy crispy models are my bread and butter, lunch, and mother.

I’m Estonian-Canadian and graduated from McGill in 2013. Outside of academia, I love volleyball, meditation, music production, and George Saunders.

How can we use technology such as machine learning to effect the most societal good? This is what motivates me. In 2014, I launched Useful Science with a group of friends – I hope you’ll find a study on there that improves your life.


The best way to reach me is [email protected]. I’m grateful for any positive or negative feedback through this anonymous form. Feel free to connect via:

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Hey! Having a ‘colophon’ doesn’t mean I’m a jerk! Just wanted to thank Cole Townsend for letting me fork his Jekyll theme – the code is available here :)