1. One Fact Foundation

    One fact is all it takes to create change. I started this nonprofit foundation and assembled a team of co-founders with superpowers to scale our AI for health and education globally. I gave a keynote at an NIH conference about our first product.

  2. Useful Science

    One sentence summaries of science to improve your life (incl. podcast). Live at usefulscience.org. I helped write an editorial about our mission, and Maryse recently gave an excellent overview keynote presentation at the Pacific Northwest Communicating Science conference.

    Featured on various news websites; ‘received funding’ on CBC Television’s Dragons’ Den (link to episode).

  3. CANImmunize

    I was lucky to be the first UI/UX designer for Canada’s national vaccinations app. Currently 140k+ users.

    Featured on the CBC, won award for “using wireless technology to improve the lives of Canadians”.

  4. Reality distortion

    I took a bunch of pictures and edited them to be cooler than reality. On hiatus to focus on research, music, and people.

    Because I release everything uncopyrighted, my photos are featured on extremely random websites (including The Atlantic, SciAm, HuffPo, Matador, Outside Magazine and Gizmodo!).