1. Operator Variational Inference

    New divergences for variational inference that make explicit tradeoffs such as computation and performance.

    R. Ranganath, J. Altosaar, D. Tran, D. Blei. Operator Variational Inference. NIPS, 2016.

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  2. Word embedding models for recommendation

    Ideas from word embeddings can boost recommendation performance in matrix factorization systems.

    Dawen Liang, Jaan Altosaar, Laurent Charlin, and David Blei. Factorization meets the item embedding. Recsys 2016.

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  3. Word embedding models for music analysis

    We use word2vec to analyze classical music and show that as composers use more dissonance, the principal components of chords on the circle of fifths become less circular.

    Eamonn Bell, Jaan Altosaar. Word embedding models applied to classical music recover the circle of fifths in embedding space. ICML Music Discovery 2016.

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  4. Frustrated Spin Ice

    We studied a pyrochloric oxide and showed that it has quantum behavior, which is surprising as it is considered a material with only classical effects. Featured on the PRB front page.

    P. Henelius, T. Lin, M. Enjalran, Z. Hao, J. Altosaar, P. Henelius, F. Flicker, T. Yavors’kii, and M. J. P. Gingras. Refrustration and Competing Orders in a Spin Ice Material, Phys. Rev. B. (2016).

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  5. Correlated LDA

    Goal: discover how articles in the humanities discuss concepts differently from the sciences.

    Jingwei Zhang, Aaron Gerow, Jaan Altosaar, James Evans, Richard Jean So. Fast, Flexible Models for Discovering Topic Correlation across Weakly-Related Collections, EMNLP 2015.

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  6. MusicMappr

    Enable anyone to make a beat in 30 seconds, using machine learning in JavaScript. Press! Interviewed and live demo featured on The Wire magazine!

    Ethan Benjamin, Jaan Altosaar. MusicMapper: Interactive 2D representations of music samples for in-browser remixing and exploration, NIME 2015, Louisiana State University, 2015.

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  7. Fish Music

    Can we convey how fish move using generative music and computer vision?

    Andrew Mercer-Taylor, Jaan Altosaar. Sonification of Fish Movement Using Pitch Mesh Pairs, New Interfaces For Musical Expression, Louisiana State University, 2015.

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