Princeton Pianos

Open sourced location data of all playable pianos on campus.

I’ve played more piano since starting grad school than throughout my four years at McGill, thanks to the abundance of pianos on campus. The pianos’ conditions range from excellent to passable, with some sporting Köln-level limitations. However, I couldn’t find a resource listing their locations.

Another ‘open-sourced locations’ project could be to document uncommon study spots. For example, if McGill libraries were crowded I could escape to Purvis Hall’s solarium, which was usually empty.

If I missed a piano, shoot me an email and I will add it to the map (mobile-friendly link):

Piano D: The Steinway in the lecture room in the basement of the chapel.
'Piano' a: Technically not a piano, the carillon is a unique instrument that's close enough!
Piano N: The Yamaha in the Mathey college common room.

Thanks to Jordan Ash for his camera-lending abilities.