1. Virtual Thesis Defense - Giving and Recording a Stressful Zoom Presentation

    Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and at the last minute.

  2. How does physics connect to machine learning?

    Did Richard Feynman help seed a key machine learning technique in the 60s?

  3. food2vec - Augmented cooking with machine intelligence

    Building a recommendation system for food & exploring the world's cuisines.

  4. Tutorial - What is a variational autoencoder?

    Understanding Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) from two perspectives: deep learning and graphical models.

  5. Experiments in information overload

    Every lifehack I use.

  6. Princeton Pianos

    Open sourced location data of all playable pianos on campus.

  7. How to apply to grad school

    What I wish I had known when applying to grad schools in physics, applied physics, and bioengineering.

  8. How to ace the GRE and Physics GRE

    Tips and tricks to maximize your GRE and Physics GRE scores.

  9. Smoked salmon openfacer

    It's time to stop being close-minded about sandwiches. This is the best.